Yesterday I experienced something new, I was having a quiet day, in the morning, I read the reflections that I wrote a long time ago and I could appreciate the growth, in fact I laughed at many things that I thought. Also notice in what I wrote, the presence of my values, (which is valuable to me) due to a new level of awareness I could recognized them for the first time.

After that, I had breakfast with Austin (my ally) we shared that moment, we enjoyed having a good conversation, one of those stimulants for the brain and spirit ...

Then it was time to do the numbers of the company, which is not the most interesting activity for me, but there is something I learned recently, we live in a dual world, where there are things that we do not like to do but we need to do it anyways .

From that way of thinking, every time something is presented to me that does not fit within my preferences, I remind to myself of this duality, and it works! I even do those same things with a certain taste.

BREAK TIME!, I take the opportunity to prepare mate (Argentinian tea). When I return to my office I decide to go and enjoy the sun, because my office faces the patio.

I sit down and when I am there flowing with life I feel something that I immediately recognize, it is a very particular sensation in which I begin to doubt absolutely everything. Suddenly nothing is "right", I could recognize and be aware of that for the first time. I know this same sensation leads to feeling the existential emptiness that drains me energetically.

That episode had 2 effects:

First, letting myself be carried away by my intense emotions (enneatype 4, and cancer sign will understand me)

Second, deny what I felt, making the law of the paradox stronger, namely, attracting more than I do not want.

What I did this time broke the usual pattern of behavior. I decided to embrace that moment, that emptiness, that feeling. Take the position that it is part of life, instead of denying it, and the moment I did that it disappeared, and I a feeling of peace came to me


Reading "The Kybalion" (hermetic laws), I was able to understand through the law of polarity the following: God (or whatever you want to call it) is EVERYTHING, he integrates the good, the bad, fear, love, peace and war all in one, because he creates it.

On the other hand, man comes to evolve, he comes to live "duality" to integrate it through unconditional love, he comes to understand that hate and love are two poles of the same thing in different degrees.

To be able to integrate this principle, a lot of awareness is required. This Awareness help us to contemplate what we are thinking, open our mind to not judge, to forgive and understand whether ourselves and others. In first instance accepting the situation and after loving it as part of growing process


The "EVERYTHING" gives us a great privilege, unlike the animals, the human being is endowed with the power of the will, it comes from the Latin "velle", it means: wanting, desiring, having the will of. Which is nothing more than free will, the power to choose. This is what helps us to evolve. It helps us to change our vibration in those key moments when we decide not to judge, understand and forgive. So doing things "well" no longer goes through a matter of social or religious morality, it is a matter of evolution, and growth. It is an opportunity to choose to vibrate on a higher scale, which, paradoxically, is embracing what vibrates on a lower scale.

By Romina Reynoso

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